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Welcome to Asta Facilitation

Anup Karia and Stanya Studentova founded Asta Facilitation in 2008  to assist and coach individuals, organisations, NGOs, businesses, schools and universities and communities on conflict facilitation, diversity awareness, group and team dynamics, change management and leadership development. We work both locally and internationally and also conduct ongoing professional trainings and personal growth workshops.


Our approach is based on Worldwork, the sociological sister of  Process Work (developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell) which is an awareness method combining psychology, spirituality, quantum physics and aboriginal wisdom into a single paradigm to facilitate individual and collective change.

Worldwork is  a cutting edge systemic and multi dimensional framework working deeply with conflicting positions and diverse agendas in both large and small group settings. This framework provides skills for working with challenges at every level within a system from individual to systemic and harnesses the creativity implicit in the conflicts and difficulties we face.

The background of our work has been laid down through our life experiences  of growing up in Czechoslovakia and Kenya and continues to be forged through working together and living in multi cultural London.

We share a deep interest in seeking what lies beyond the boundaries of our everyday lives and limitations, and in discovering and engaging with diversity issues that both enrich and trouble us as individuals and communities.

We are both qualified process workers and UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited psychotherapists with a combined experience of over 30 years working in various social care, educational, non governmental and statutory organisations in the UK, Czech Republic, Kenya, Ireland and Slovakia.


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"The process of awakening brings you into a struggle with every habitual way you have of thinking about the universe... because every one of them has you locked into being some facet of who you think you are."

Ram Dass


In August 2014 we are planning to open new Training in Facilitation of groups. An accredited programme, in Czech and English language. sponsored by IPOP, Czech Republic.

Next public seminar There is a crack in everything .. seminar on individual and collective trauma.  Prague on 17th -19th October 2014. sponsored by IPOP

Ze šuplíku ven. Atelier for women 2014. Residential, extended weekend on creativity and fun.  20-24.8.2014 contact: